Ultraman X Episode 1 English Subbed – Voice from the Starry Sky

In outer space, two extraterrestrial beings clashed against each other when one of them, the red figure, banishes his opponent, a purple figure, into the Sun. But this creates the Ultra Flare, which awakens Spark Dolls on Earth and causes them to run amok across the world. Due to this, nations worldwide founded the Xio group. Fifteen years later, after a failed attempt by a Xio lab team to materialize Cyber Gomora, one of them, Daichi hears a voice from space. Soon, the monster Demaaga appears and rampages in Umezawa City. While Daichi and Asuna manage to evacuate the citizens, he realizes that he has dropped his Gomora Spark Doll. He tries to to retrieve it, but becomes an open target for Demaaga’s attack. Fortunately, a red giant fuses with Daichi and they fight and seal Demaaga in his Spark Doll. Daichi reunites with his teammates and reveals the red giant’s name as Ultraman X.

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