Ultraman Orb Episode 25 English Subbed – The Wandering Sun

Naomi was held captive by Juggler, who proceed to kill her in front of Gai. When he was hesitating to do so after she willingly took responsibility of her own death, Juggler rescued her from a crashed Z-VTOL, revealing himself to be Natasha’s rescuer in the past. Jetta and Shin discover that Magata no Orochi is actually imperfect due to part of its energy was blocked by the sacred tree that Maga-Orochi trampled sometime ago. After being rescued, they relay this info to Shibukawa and Orb, as Z-VTOL fleet attacked the monster’s weak-spot, followed by Juggler helding Magata no Orochi for Orb to decimate with the power of past Ultra Warriors. After the battle, Gai left to parts unknown while assuring Naomi (who already knew his true identity from the start) that he would return when the time needed.

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