Ultraman Orb Episode 24 English Subbed – The Ultimate King Demon Beast Strikes Back

Strange incidents happen in Tokyo, such as the immediate rise and death of three monsters, an intense heatwave during December and sea monsters and aliens departing from Japan. Jetta and Shin visited the Kishine residence, who entrusted them with the original copy of Pacific Records, believing them as the book’s true owners. Meanwhile, Juggler confessed to the VTL Squad Japan’s executives that Maga-Orochi, the monster which was thought be dead had its spirit descended to the Earth’s crust and that it will arise as Magata no Orochi, consuming the entire Earth in its rampaging spree. With two hours left for preparation, an evacuation was ordered in Japan and Juggler told them that the only way to stop the monster’s revival is to destroy its chrysalis. The team does so by launching their ICBM Spiner R-1 but realises too late that they were tricked and the missile was used to accelerate the revival process, bringing Magata no Orochi towards the surface. Gai/Orb faced the monster but was overpowered and Jetta and Shin was caught in the battle’s explosion when they try to come closer to find its weakness. With Juggler escaped his confinement, he approaches Gai and slain Naomi in front of the wanderer’s own eyes.

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