Ultraman Geed Episode 3 English Subbed – Salaryman Zero

Geed is battling a Darklops Zero when an Ultraman appears and drives it off before being shocked to see Geed’s resemblance to Belial. The Ultraman is further shocked to see Geed revert to Riku as Raiha and Pega get him to safety. Before the Ultraman could follow, he notices a salaryman named Reito Igaguri risking his well being in an attempt to protect a boy before he was hit by a speeding truck. Touched by Reito’s bravery, and since he needs to heal, the Ultraman decides to merge into the human and form a mutual symbiosis to ensure their survival. At the Nebula House, after learning the Ultraman is Belial’s mortal enemy Ultraman Zero, Riku decides to have REM send a message to convince the public that he is not an enemy. Riku and Raiha are then alerted by Pega that the boy that Reito was attempting to save, Toru Honda, is a Little Star. The next day, after met his host’s family, Zero informs Reito of Crisis Impact and how Ultraman King sacrificed himself by scattering his essence across the universe to restore it. Zero adds that he was sent to retrieve the Ultra Capsules that were stolen from Planet Ultra. Meanwhile, Riku and Raiha find Toru as Kei summons a Darklops Zero to lure out Zeri. Riku transforms into Geed to hold it while Raiha gets Toru to safety, only for Kei to summon two more Darklops Zeros. But when Toru cheers for Geed by name, he obtains the Ultraseven Capsule. At RE.M.’s request, Riku uses the Ultraseven and Leo Capsules to become Ultraman Geed Solid Burning. With Zero seeing the Ultraman become a fusion of his mentor and father, Geed proceeds to defeat the Darklops with ease. Later, as Riku meets Toru while Reito.

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