Ultraman Geed Episode 20 English Subbed – A Bird Monster at 10 A.M.

For four straight days, Riku has been fighting a monster known as Starbem Gyeron that appears in Hoshiyama on the stroke of 10:00 AM. While the group assumed they were fighting multiple Starbem Gyerons for the first three days, they learn that they were fighting the same monster as they attempt to incinerate the remains. That proved to be a failed effort as the Starbem Gyeron reforms itself on the fifth day from its remains evaporated, with Geed assuming Royal Mega-Master form to destroy the monster. With the everyone annoyed, a vexed Riku takes a walk and runs into Mao who has a tracking device she uses to find Starbem Gyeron’s fragments. This led them to Mayu, who reveals that the fragment she acquired and her attempt to keep it from melting by placing it in a freezer. This inspires the group to freeze Starbem Gyeron to prevent it from regenerating once destroyed, Leito offering a solution when the question of how to gather the remains in time is brought up. On the sixth day, once preparations were made, Zero Beyond forms a barrier so Geed Royal Mega-Master can destroy Starbem Gyeron with its fragments only scattered in a 1 kilometer radius so the Hoshiyama residents can help gather and contain the fragments which the AIB later scatter across the Universe. On seventh day, having learned of the Dark Lugiel and Alien Empera capsules in AIB custody, Kei decides to settle things with Riku thanks to the accumulated data he gained from using Starbem Gyeron to analyze Geed’s powers.

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