Ultraman Geed Episode 18 English Subbed – The Dream’s Inheritor

A week has passed since Belial’s defeat as Riku frets over what sort of job he should take to help people before seeing a new report detailing Kei on the run for the murder of his editor Jōji Ōsumi. Soon after, the group having been gathering the scattered Monster Capsules to contain for universal security, Riku sees the AIB and Zero corner an amnesiac Kei as he and the city come under attack by a customized Legionoid piloted by a revenge-driven Dada bent on killing Kei for Belial’s actions against his race. While Zero holds off the Legionoid in a space battle, Riku and Moa lose Kei thanks to an aspiring author who takes the amnesiac villain to her workplace in the mountain. Introducing herself as Arie Ishikari, she wishes to know his story from a nonbiased perspective and tries to help him remember. However, a weakened Zero is forced to bring the Legionoid back to Earth in the same area as Kei as the Dada opens fire on him and Arie. But this cases Kei to regain his memories of gaining purpose as Belial’s servant as he intends to carry out his late master’s desires in his place as he summons a Zaigorg to easily destroy the Dada and his Legionoid. When Riku arrives, Kei transforms into Thunder Killer with Geed fighting the two monsters as Royal Mega-Master. Geed destroys Zaigorg with Lance Spark before defeating Thunder Killer with Storium Flasher, Kei found by Arie as she attempts to offer his assistance to write his story despite the man weakly lashing out at her.

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