Ressha Sentai ToQger Episode 39 English Subbed – The Beginning of the End

With Christmas approaching, the Shadow Line becomes less active due to the increasing amount of Imagination everywhere, giving the ToQgers a chance to rest and celebrate the holiday. But the Darkness Decline is what General Schwarz is waiting as he tells Akira that the time to fulfill his part of the bargain has come while Madam Noir makes her own move with Emperor Z at his weakest due to Glitta’s presence. Unable to reach Akira to invite him to join in the Christmas celebration, Right and the others pay a visit to the Build Ressha and find a note from Akira alongside with Drill Ressha for they own use. Going back to the Ressha, Tokatti reveals his time with Akira at Achikochi-machi before Hikari mentions how odd their friend regained the Drill Ressha from an opponent like Schwarz. But the ToQgers are suddenly called to action when the previously destroyed Bag Shadow suddenly appears. But Bag Shadow and other Shadow Creeps appearing are actually copies created by Boseki Shadow, a reckless Shadow Creep that Noir released to absorb the darkness from Castle Terminal. Marchioness Mork realizes Noir’s game and leaves Barone Nero to protect their emperor while she deals with Boseki Shadow. After destroying the copies, the ToQgers realize that they saw signs of Akira’s strange behavior but failed to realize it. Nearby, Mork confronts Boseki Shadow who confirms Noir’s treachery before they accidentally make themselves known to the ToQgers. After Boseki Shadow is destroyed by the ToQgers’ Hyper 5 Connection Crash, he fights ToQ-Oh and Diesel-Oh with copies of Fence Shadow, Jack-in-the-Box Shadow, and Pinspo Shadow. Though the ToQgers were distracted by their worries about Akira, they regain their refocus and destroy the copies before forming Cho-Cho-ToQ-Dai-Oh Police to bring Boseki Shadow down for good. Soon after, intending to find Akira, the ToQgers are informed that General Schwarz’s Cryner approaching and attempt to derail him for answers. But much to their surprise, ToQgers are confronted by Akira who reveals that he is now working under General Schwarz and warns them not to interfere as he transforms. Back at Castle Terminal, with a shade of Glitta appearing next to the weakened Emperor Z, Madame Noir decides to finally make her move.
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