Ressha Sentai ToQger Episode 17 English Subbed – The Sky After the Rain

The ToQgers form ToQ-Oh to deal with a Cryner Robo remote controlled by Emperor Z, summoning Diesel-Oh to defeat their opponent. Soon after, the ToQgers learn from the Conductor and Ticket that they have obtained the Build Ressha and the AppliChanger in preparation for a sixth ToQger. Though the ToQgers believe their sixth member is a moody man walking in the rain towards them, the Conductor explains that he is a railway worker for the Rainbow Line who is a former Shadow Line member named Zaramu, before he switched sides to atone for his misdeeds. While the others believe the Conductor’s explanation, Right intends to have Zaramu join them anyway. He leaves the Ressha to meet the railway worker before he is attacked by General Schwarz, who was an old friend of Zaramu’s. This forces Zaramu to assume his true form to get Right to safety while General Schwarz goes after the other ToQgers on the notion that they know where Zaramu is hiding. While tending to Right’s wound, believing his power to project endless rain is evil, Zaramu explains that he resolved to protect the light upon seeing a rainbow, and as atonement he would pay with his life. When Right is contacted by Wagon of his teammates being attacked, Right asks Zaramu to fight with him as a ToQger. Given the AppliChanger by Right before facing General Schwarz, Zaramu transforms into the sixth ToQger: ToQ 6gou. Believing he has found a place worth dying, his rain cloud dissipates during his transformation. ToQ 6gou battles General Schwarz with the duel ending with General Schwarz escaping while Zaramu collapses. But despite believing he has died, Zaramu is told he is still alive as he gives the AppliChanger back to Right before walking off.
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