Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 41 English Subbed – Reset Game!

With the world reset to before Emu received the Hyper Muteki Gashat, the deal between Masamune and Johnny Maxima falls apart as he no longer has a Gamer Driver to provide, Nico was never infected with Gemdeus’ virus strain, Kuroto regained most of his lost lives, and the stolen Drivers and Gashats have been returned. Now, only Graphite stands in the way of clearing Kamen Rider Chronicle, and while Hiiro and Taiga ready for a showdown, Emu, Parad and Poppy try to get Graphite to join them, as he is the only one who could fight Cronus, but he refuses. Desperate to find a way to counter Cronus’ reset function, Kuroto wires Emu up to his computer and has him create new game concepts, using several lives in the process, but none seem to work. Meanwhile, the final fight between Graphite, Brave and Snipe is long and tiring, but the Riders manage to knock him down, so Graphite concedes defeat. As Nico goes to deliver the final blow to earn the Gashatrophy, Cronus, refusing to allow Kamen Rider Chronicle to end, arrives to stop them. However, Graphite is enraged that he refuses to let them win fairly, and attacks Cronus to unpause the game, taking Nico’s attack, destroying him. With the 13 Gashatrophies gathered, they are used to access the final level, but Cronus tries to reset the game again. Ex-Aid arrives and uses the new Energy Item “Save”, to nullify the reset function, and with the newly modified and re-created the Hyper Muteki Gashat defeats Cronus. While all eyes look skyward at the arrival of Kamen Rider Chronicle’s final boss Gemdeus, Johnny Maxima sneaks away unnoticed with Graphite’s Gashacon Bugvisor.

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