Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 38 English Subbed – Period With Tears

Taiga is brought to the hospital in critical condition and after some examination, the doctors conclude that only Hiiro can operate on him with success. Haima calls for him on phone to perform the operation, but Masamune cuts off their conversation in the middle. Just when Nico and the others are about to lose hope, Hiiro appears to operate on Taiga. Meanwhile, Masamune attacks Pallad and Graphite to dispose of them, when Graphite uses Gemdeus’ virus to disable his pause function, but Cronus then uses his ability to freely use Energy Items to defeat them. However, Kuroto and Kiriya appear to help them escape, but Masamune reveals that he ordered Hiiro to sabotage the operation and kill Taiga, threatening him to delete Saki’s data should he refuses. Kuroto then keeps Masamune occupied to allow Kiriya to warn the others. Upon hearing about Hiiro’s deal with Masamune, Nico panics, but Haima and the others calm her down, claiming that they believe in him. Upon hearing of the situation, Emu leaves the operation room and confronts Masamune himself, allowing Kuroto to retreat after losing more than 20 of his continues against his father. Using Saki’s data as a leverage, Masamune forbids Emu from transforming and starts beating him until Hiiro arrives, revealing that he did not kill Taiga as ordered, and Masamune deletes Saki’s data in front of him. Emu and Hiiro then transform into Hyper Muteki Ex-Aid and Legacy Brave Level 100 to easily defeat Cronus, but he flees. Emu then returns to CR while Hiiro stays behind, crying over losing Saki for good. In the next day, Taiga awakens, much to everybody’s joy and both Hiiro and Taiga set aside their differences and reconcile.

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