Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 37 English Subbed – Resolution of the White Knight!

Hiiro is astonished with Masamune’s demand to destroy Emu, but Masamune comes with another idea; to destroy Pallad instead and cure Emu of his game disease, thus rendering him unable to transform into a Kamen Rider anymore. Meanwhile, Wao Momose, Saki’s father is admitted into the CR as he got himself infected with Kaidan while using Kamen Rider Chronicle in an attempt to rescue his daughter. When Emu is about to confront Kaidan, Pallad appears to challenge him, but Hiiro arrives as well, this time succeeding to use Taddle Legacy to transform into Legacy Gamer Level 100. As Hyper Muteki Ex-Aid destroys Kaidan, Brave overpowers Para-DX, but just when he is about to destroy him for good, Nico intervenes, wanting to deal the final blow in order to have her revenge, but giving Pallad the chance to flee instead. Back to CR, Wao is discharged after being healed, but confides to Emu and Haima that Hiiro should forget about Saki and move forward for her sake. Soon after, Kiriya and Poppy return from the game world and reveal that the data of the defeated players contained in the Proto Gashats is strongly encripted, and can be accessed only with the Kamen Rider Chronicle Master Gashat in Masamune’s possession. Emu then decides to confront Masamune to retrieve it, accompanied by them. Meanwhile, Hiiro is approached by Pallad and Graphite, who decided to face him together, and Taiga arrives to confront Graphite, leaving Hiiro to face Pallad himself. However, when he is confronted by Ex-Aid, Lazer and Poppy, Cronus reveals his plan to them, and they decide to rush after Hiiro instead. Taiga is defeated by Graphite, but he refuses to give up, and is then critically injured, leading Hiiro to stop fighting as well and give the Bugsters the chance to escape. Emu, Kiriya and Asuna arrive soon after to take the critically injured Taiga to be treated, as a disoriented Hiiro also leaves the scene.

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