Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 11 English Subbed – Who’s the Black Kamen Rider?

With Emu only a week away from completing his internship, a new Bugster escapes from a small boy about to be discharged from the hospital. Emu is shocked to find its Salty, the first Bugster he defeated, who was been revived and leveled up. Emu uses his Level 3 mode to nearly defeat him, however the Black Ex-Aid arrives and helps Salty escape. Kuroto is close to completing his next stage of the plan, but to do that he needs data on something he hasn’t had: Death. He informs the riders that the only Gashat to complete is Shakariki Sports, the one used by the Black Ex-Aid, and orders them to retrieve it. Using his position, he tricks Emu and Asuna to bring the boy to a skatepark, then Emu is forced to defend them when Black Ex-Aid arrives instead. Emu nearly loses his trust in his hero, when Black Ex-Aid explains that Kyotaro Hinata is responsible for the Bugsters existence, however Kiriya, haunted by Emus earlier remarks about trust, saves him. With the four Riders united again using Drago Knight Hunter Z, they easily overpower Black Ex-Aid. With his health bar near zero, he loads an unmarked Gashat into his Gashacon Bugvisor, and launches a finisher at the boy, but Emu deflects the attack. With his health at zero, the mystery rider uses his own body to download data on death into the Gashat, revealing himself as Kuroto Dan, revealing Lazer was telling the truth. Dan taunts them that the game has only just begun as he escapes, though the four Riders point out that as his health zeroed, he will die shortly. In their secret hideout, Pallad applauds him for his terrifying tactic of using his own death to gather data, before Kuroto reveals the completed gashat: Dangerous Zombie.

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