Ultraman X23 Videos

Ultraman X Episode 1 English Subbed – Voice from the Starry Sky

In outer space, two extraterrestrial beings clashed against each other when one of them, the red figure, banishes his opponent, a purple figure, into the Sun. But this creates the Ultra Flare, which awakens Spark Dolls on Earth and causes them to run amok across the world. Due to this, nations worldwide founded the Xio […]

Ultraman X Episode 17 English Subbed – The Friend is a Monster

A newly moved little girl named Sakura befriends Pigmon, a small monster that had been dubbed as a ghost by several villagers and had played with children over the past years. While Sakura and her friends are at the shopping complex, Pigmon appears to warn everyone of the Dark Thunder Energy but the civilians mistook […]

Ultraman X Episode 2 English Subbed – Lots of Possibilities

After several middle school students take a tour inside the Operation Base X, Daichi learns of Ultraman X’s past being trapped in the form of computer data and swears to help him return to his physical body. The next day at Okumayama, a pregnant Birdon tries to build a nest for her eggs but several […]

Ultraman X Episode 18 English Subbed – Wataru’s Love

Wataru grows jealous when his childhood crush tends to hang out with Hayato. During his rugby match, Mu appears and searching for something in the city, accidentally causes damages and summon Red King due to its connection to the Dark Thunder Energy. Red King mutates into EX Red King from the same energy until X […]

Ultraman X Episode 3 English Subbed – The Song That Calls the Night

A series of earthquakes are reported at Area T-7B. As Asuna and Daichi investigate in the subway, they meet a strange woman. She summons Telesdon until Daichi and Asuna manage to scare it off. In order to investigate what happened, the two are sent to investigate the strange woman, and Asuna reveals that the woman […]

Ultraman X Episode 19 English Subbed – We Live Together

Daichi’s Gomora has finally brought to life in Xio’s experiment but as all test on Gomora has passed, the Dark Thunder Energy mutated Gomora into EX Gomora, sending it on a rampaging spree. X tried to stop it but was kidnapped by M1, whom deemed that humanity and monsters cannot coexist. Eventually, Asuna’s effort to […]

Ultraman X Episode 4 English Subbed – All For One

Hayato and Wataru’s rivalry for each other turns from bad to worse over time. During their lunch break, Alien Zarab reveals himself and launches Bemstar to wreak havoc in the city as Earth becomes his new target. Xio members deploy and Asuna attacks Bemstar, Daichi scans the monster, and Wataru and Hayato track down Zarab. […]

Ultraman X Episode 20 English Subbed – Bonds -Unite-

Several Bugbuzun Broods were detected by Xio officers as they rushed into the scene and eliminate the monsters. When one of them was about to attack a civilian and a weakened Sayuri, she found herself transformed into Ultraman Nexus and rescue the civilian before saving her family in Canada from Bemular. However, she becomes fearful […]

Ultraman X Episode 5 English Subbed – Aegis, Time to Shine

While Xio members are on their way to a test site to turn monsters into Spark Dolls, Black King attacks them while Alien Nackle Bandero tries to steal the Spark Dolls. Ultraman X appears but is weakened by both the monster and alien until Ultraman Zero appears to assist Ultraman X. Bandero gets away and […]

Ultraman X Episode 21 English Subbed – A Beautiful Ending

The mastermind behind the Ultra Flare, Greeza, finally appears and absorbs the Spark Doll storage facility in UNVER Nevada branch. Setting its sight on Xio’s Operation Base X, Ultraman X made himself known to Xio members and cooperates with them to defend the Spark Dolls. Daichi reveals his true identity to everyone and with Ultraman […]